Methods and Strategies: Family Guided Routines-Based Intervention

Family-guided routines based intervention is a systematic approach to embed intervention consistently by all family members and service providers throughout the day rather than in individual, isolated therapy sessions. Routines are functional events of daily living that offer opportunities to teach and practice meaningful skills in settings and situations as they are needed. By definition, they occur on a regular basis and are repeated frequently, offering multiple opportunities for teaching and learning. Family-guided routines are those functional and predictable activities that match the interests and individual schedules of the child and family. The family guides the selection of appropriate targets and contexts for intervention. Routines which are selected for intervention are predictable and positive for both the child and care provider to enhance the ease of use and the potential for positive outcomes.

The following basic steps help to ensure that service providers are working collaboratively with the family to support learning and development.
1. Identify the general schedule of the child’s and family’s day including typical
routines. Identify the family’s priorities and concerns relating to the child’s skills
and daily routines. Identify outcomes.
2. Select preferred daily routines. Consider the child’s strengths and needs as well
as the family’s strengths and needs.
3. Select intervention techniques to meet the outcomes. Build intervention
techniques and activities upon natural strategies used by care providers.
4. Discuss plans with service providers and implement strategies across
environments and activities.
5. Teach new strategies and model when appropriate.
6. Monitor progress, revise and adjust strategies, and gather feedback.

A schedule matrix which identifies the routines selected for embedding intervention, the outcomes to be targeted, and the strategies to use to support the child’s learning when the opportunity occurs is developed with the family and the service providers.

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