Service Delivery: Professional Development and Support

Intervention programs designed to meet the needs of children with autism and their families include a variety of staff and parent training opportunities. Service providers and family members have the training and expertise necessary to make sound judgments regarding which types of approaches are likely to be most effective for the child and how those approaches may be combined to enhance their effectiveness. (HCPSS, 1998).

There are models of personnel preparation and training available within Maryland early intervention programs and local school systems, as well as within some universities. Program administrators should be challenged to implement effective personnel preparation and training, “beyond a single training effort, to provide a continuum of services across time.” (NRC, 2001)

Gallagher and Clifford (2000) state that there a seven elements necessary to develop an infrastructure designed to train and support direct service providers (special educators, paraprofessionals, related service personnel) to work effectively with children with autism.


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