Research Partnerships

The Maryland State Department of Education has forged relationships with a variety of researchers and organizations that are conducting cutting edge research in their respective fields. MSDE provides leadership and support to these organizations by assisting them with data collection, evaluation, and dissemination of their research. MSDE feels that research partnerships are essential in making positive systems change in schools and communities around Maryland and is committed to using these partnerships as vehicles to improve programs, services, and outcomes for children with Autism and their families.

The following is a list of the current MSDE research activities related to Autism:

The Pilot Program to Study and Improve Screening Practices for Autism Spectrum Disorders, The Center for Child Development Through Primary Care


The Study to Explore Early Development (SEED), Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Centers for Disease Control (CDC)


The Early Autism Risk Longitudinal Investigations Network (EARLI), Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


Autism Waiver and Quality of Life, Towson University


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