Research Partnerships: Autism Waiver and Quality of Life

Dr. Karen Goldrich Eskow, Ph.D.
Department of Family Studies and Community Development
Towson University

MSDE and Towson University are partnering to develop The Autism Waiver Quality of Life Survey. The survey will gather information about the perceived family quality of life for families with children who have Autism through in-depth interviews and a modified version of the Partnership and Family Quality of Life Survey, developed by the Beach Center on Disability (University of Kansas).

The study will focus specifically on all of the families in the state of Maryland who receive or have received services through the Autism Waiver program and those on the registry to receive services. The researchers and MSDE will work collaboratively to disseminate the study materials and the results of the study to the hundreds of families on the Autism Waiver and the Autism Waiver Registry.

Towson University Department of Family Studies and Community Development

The University of Kansas Beach Center on Disability

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